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A Hawaiian Jewelry 14Kt. "Kuuipo" Pendant

"A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition"

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Made in Hawaii


14Kt. Custom Plumeria Pendant Earrings ©
Your choice of center Plumeria in Yellow Gold or White Gold  Plumeria enhanced by the delicate scroll word and the brilliant sparkle of diamond cuts. Earrings  approx. 17mm X 15mm.
matching pendant

Qty:  Choice of Plumeria:

hawaiian_er_15mm.jpg (19126 bytes)

14Kt. Diamond Cut Plumeria Earrings ©
Plumeria Blossom Pierced Earring.Plumeria’s approx. 15mm with popular French pierced clip backs. for added security.

matching bracelet
    matching pendant


14mm_Med_Plumeria_ER.jpg (26550 bytes)

14Kt. Plumeria Lace Earrings ©
Plumeria’s approx. 14mm
$169.95 yellow gold
$179.95 white gold

Qty:     Gold:

Plumeria_dangle_er_dia.jpg (33314 bytes)

14Kt.  Deluxe Diamond Plumeria Earrings ©
Plumeria Ridges Diamond enhancing the sparkle of center Diamond. Diamonds .10 tw. Plumeria 13mm with lever backs.


matching pendant
      matching ring     matching bracelet


DNG  Plumeria Lg ER.jpg (22396 bytes)

14Kt. Deluxe Single Plumeria Earrings

implicity describes this Unique Plumeria Earrings Available in two sizes.
matching pendant
      matching ring

Small 13mm $345.95


Large 19mm $469.95


11mm_Plumeria-earrings.jpg (53539 bytes)

14Kt. Single Plumeria Earrings ©
Plumeria Blossom Pierced Earring Plumeria’s approx. 11mm

matching bracelet
      matching pendant


14Kt. Plumeria Earrings with Lever Backs ©
Hawaiian Plumeria Blossom Earrings. Plumeria’s approx. 12mm


matching bracelet
     matching pendant


14Kt. Double Plumeria Earrings ©
Graduated Plumeria Blossom Pierced Earring
Plumeria’s approx. 9mm & 11mm

matching bracelet
      matching pendant     matching bracelet      matching pendant       matching ring 


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A Hawaiian Jewelry Tradition